Dervish Pictures is the online home for the film projects of
Scott Feinblatt.

An award-winning filmmaker, Feinblatt has been writing,
producing and directing film projects for over 20 years.
Most of his films fall under the horror genre, and reviewers
have frequently distinguished his films from standard genre
fare on the basis of their innovate qualities.

Any film which carries the Dervish Pictures name will
challenge convention, provoke thought and satiate viewers'

For Feinblatt, horror entertainment is not just a market, it's
an art form. Beyond film production, he explores and
celebrates horror entertainment through journalism. He has
been the Editor-in-Chief for the horror magazine
and contributed to various other horror magazines
Fangoria, Rue Morgue and Screem). Additionally,
he runs
Horror Works, a website dedicated to promoting
horror-related events and artists in the Los Angeles area.
Photo by: Jon Meredith