The Great Horror Campout - A glimpse of a haunted
attraction that
doesn't take place in October
Scare LA - The first haunted attraction convention to
take place in Los Angeles
San Diego Haunts - Reminiscing about a haunting trip
down to San Diego
If You Whip It, They Will Come - If Horror and Sci-fi can
be friends, then what about a three-way with Horror,
Sci-fi and the Alternative Lifestyle community?

The images and video that accompany this article
feature adult content. Discretion is advised.
Are You There, Cthulhu? It's Me, Scott.  - The literary
works of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft inspire profound
works of art as well as a horror sub-culture of substance
An Old Feeling in a New Haunt - Unexpected
revelations at a grand haunted theme park.
The Inspirations of a Titan - The Hive Gallery pays
tribute to Ray Harryhausen
Cambria Gets Stuffed...with Scarecrows - A brief photo
tour and the most family-friendly Horror Works article
yet (gorehounds welcome regardless)!
All Aboard the Doomed Express! - The Annual
Haunted Hayride in Hell...uh, make that Los Angeles.
Too Much as a Good Thing - Rob Zombie's haunt is an
impressive entry in the world of Halloween Haunts
Head for the Hills! No, wait...the Valley, It's
Monsterpalooza!  - The old-school horror convention
makes a second pass in 2013!
Disturbing VIsions of Death and Decay Inspire Life -
Zombie Joe's Underground Theater gets under your
skin in a good way!
The Middle Path to Hellish Delights - There's more than
Disneyland in Anaheim!
So You Wanna Kill a Zombie... - Get your chance at
Haunted Hollywood Sports!
Step Right This Way, and Face the Wall! - Journey
into the world of
The Purge through a portal in
downtown LA!
Wherever You Go, There You Are...And Some Others.
- Braving the
extreme haunt called Alone
Wouldn't Ya Like To Be A Zombie Too? - People of
all ages turn out for the annual Long Beach walk to
raise zombie awareness.
Five! Five Haunted Houses! Ah, Ha Ha Ha Ha! -
Corona hosts the Crossroads Haunted Village!
Lovecraft's Texts In The Flesh - A theatrical
treatment of six H.P. Lovecraft stories, featuring
puppets, shadows and fine human performances
Cabaret Has Never Been So Ghoulishly Delightful -
Captured Aural Phantasy brings horror comics to
life...and then some!