Blood for Irina (Movie): The inaugural review for this section comes not from
L.A. (actually, it wasn't even produced in the USA). So, make any necessary
mental adjustments and enjoy this review of Chris Alexander's ambitious
directorial debut!
Hey Kiddies, the purpose of this section is to provide you with reviews of various creations – be
they films, books, CDs, paintings, etc. – of members of the Los Angeles Horror Community. On
some occasions, we'll review work from beyond the great state of California, but generally we're
interested in encouraging and promoting local artists.
Breaking & Entering (Theater): This literary thriller was produced by Zombie
Joe, whose underground theater continues to showcase works that
experiment with the boundaries of theatrical forms.
Play Dead (Spook Show / Interactive Theater): Magicians Todd Robbins and
Teller stir up a cauldron of entertainment and profundity at the Geffen
The Mystery Plays (Theater): The Visceral Company presents this jolly
disturbing (yet profound) holiday show!